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• Be sure to talk with the teacher in advance of your visit. Teachers now have telephones, voicemail and e-mail, so communication is facilitated. Such communication will alleviate your anxieties and will allow you to tailor your presentation appropriately.

• Remember that all partnerships tie into the curriculum. Familiarize yourself with what the students have been learning at that time, and make your presentation as interactive as possible.

• Dress as you would for an interview. Arrive 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the school and be prepared to make your presentation on time . School schedules are tight! Follow school protocol and sign in and receive a visitor's badge at the main office of the school when you arrive . When the school is being vacated for an emergency drill, exit the building with your group.

• Try to make your presentation as "hands-on" as possible . Share with the teacher in advance what items, games, mental exercises, products, or other things related to your work could be incorporated in your presentation.

• Include in your presentation as much personal detail as you are willing to share. Students like to know how you arrived at your present point in your career. They want to know about special training and specific skills that are important. Share hints for success that students can begin applying in their lives. Include a description of your typical day so students can perceive similarities and differences between their school day and your day in the adult world of work. Include manners and customs which are useful in your daily interactions.

• Prepare a vocabulary list of terms that may be unfamiliar to students. Review the list before your presentation or refer to it during the presentation. Explain acronyms and abbreviations. Define terms that are special to your job. Don't assume students understand the terms. Remember to use kid-friendly language based on the grade level.

• Begin by giving an overview of the points you wish to communicate and allow time to summarize and re-emphasize important points at the end.
• Include/involve students in your presentation. Tell them a story involving a child of the same age that demonstrates the information you want to share. Asking a few general, easy-to-answer "pretest" questions to get their interest, to make sure they understand what you are saying. Ask them for feedback questions like, "Have you ever been to…?" "Who has seen…?" Provide descriptions and examples. Provide a questionnaire for students to complete either during or immediately after your presentation, or randomly ask students to volunteer answers.
• You should speak slowly . Allow "wait time" for students to take notes, ask or answer questions, or to make comments. Include one or two visual aids if possible. These may include a poster with an outline of your presentation, overlays for overhead projector, list or notes on the blackboard, slides or pictures, an item from your own business or organization, or any object related to your topic.

• The teacher is expected to remain in the classroom with you. Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher. Remember to notify the teacher, the school or the Office of Community Partnerships of emergencies and cancellations.

• Understand that kids see the world from their perspective, not yours. Their concerns are different. Don't be surprised if they ask personal questions or others that seem to be off of the subject.

• Don't be offended if youngsters are loud, spontaneous, and excited. Involved kids are enthusiastic kids! Spontaneous comments, questions and a general lack of decorum show their interest.

• Do a de-brief or short evaluation with the teacher after the presentation to share perspectives on the experience.

• Remember to ENJOY YOURSELF!
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Recognizing our proud traditions and diverse community,
the Pennsbury School District prepares all students to become creative,
ethical, and critical thinkers for lifelong success in a global society.
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