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To access the Staff Directory by phone, call 215-949-6780 and press "9" when prompted
Pennsbury High School Faculty and Staff
Last Name First Name Title Email Website Phone View
ABDO SAMANTHA Staff sabdo@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ABEL COURTNEY Staff cabel@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ANDERSON CHRISTIAN Staff canderson@pennsburysd.org Details
ANDRZEJEWSKI DANIEL Staff dandrzejewski@pennsburysd.org Details
ARBAKOV DANA Staff darbakov@pennsburysd.org Details
BAKER ALISON Staff abaker@pennsburysd.org Details
BARNES MARY Staff mbarnes2@pennsburysd.org Details
BARNES MICHAEL Staff mbarnes@pennsburysd.org Details
BARNUM SHANNON Staff sbarnum@pennsburysd.org Details
BARRETT SHAN Athletic Trainer sbarrett@pennsburysd.org Details
BARTH ANTHONY Staff abarth@pennsburysd.org Details
BATTISTE KAITLYN Staff kbattiste@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BAYER ASHLEY Staff abayer@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BECKER LISA Principal lbecker@pennsburysd.org Details
BEIER WILLIAM Staff wbeier@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BENTMAN JASON Staff jbentman@pennsburysd.org Details
BERGMANN KURT Staff kbergmann@pennsburysd.org Details
BERGMANN NATALIE Staff nbergmann@pennsburysd.org Details
BIRGEL KARIN Staff kbirgel@pennsburysd.org Details
BOYLAN RYAN Staff rboylan@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BROWN AMANDA Staff asaddler@pennsburysd.org Details
BRUNO LINDSEY ANN Staff lbruno@pennsburysd.org Details
BULAT KATE Staff kbulat@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BURCHETT MICHELLE Staff mburchett@pennsburysd.org Details
BURKE THOMAS Staff tburke@pennsburysd.org Details
BURNS ROBERT Staff rburns@pennsburysd.org Details
BYGOTT CHRISTOPHER Staff cbygott@pennsburysd.org Website Details
BYGOTT CHRISTOPHER Staff cbygott@pennsburysd.org Website Details
CALLAHAN CATHERINE Staff ccallahan@pennsburysd.org Details
CALPINO TERRI Staff tcalpino@pennsburysd.org Website Details
CAMPBELL DOUGLAS Staff dcampbell2@pennsburysd.org Details
CAPPELLONI MEAGHAN Staff mcappelloni@pennsburysd.org Website Details
CARROLL MERIDITH Staff mcarroll@pennsburysd.org Website Details
CASS TIMOTHY Staff tcass@pennsburysd.org Details
CESARI JOYCE Staff jcesari@pennsburysd.org Details
CHEREPKO MARK Staff mcherepko@pennsburysd.org Details
CHEREPKO MARY Staff mbcherepko@pennsburysd.org Details
CISLAK KENNETH Staff kcislak2@pennsburysd.org Details
COOPER ROBERT Staff rcooper@pennsburysd.org Details
CRAMER ABIGAIL Staff acramer@pennsburysd.org Website Details
DALEY MARYANN Staff mdaley@pennsburysd.org Details
DAVIS JOANNE Staff jdavis@pennsburysd.org Details
DAVIS PATRICIA Staff pdavis@pennsburysd.org Website Details
DEBLIECK NICOLE Staff ndeblieck@pennsburysd.org Website Details
DEKORTE ALLISON Staff adekorte@pennsburysd.org Details
DEMORE WAYNE Staff wdemore@pennsburysd.org Website Details
DePaola Vincent Assistant Principal vdepaola@pennsburysd.org Details
DEVLIN PAUL Staff pdevlin@pennsburysd.org Details
DIFAZIO AMY Staff adifazio@pennsburysd.org Website Details
DIGLIA MICHAEL Staff mdiglia@pennsburysd.org Details
DILLIONE MARYBETH Staff mdillione@pennsburysd.org Details
DIMITRI ERIC Staff edimitri@pennsburysd.org Details
DISTEL ROBERT Staff rdistel@pennsburysd.org Website Details
Doll Lori Guidance Secretary ldoll@pennsburysd.org Details
DRENNER NATHANIEL Staff ndrenner@pennsburysd.org Details
DRINGUS AARON Staff adringus@pennsburysd.org Details
DURHAM AMANDA Staff adurham@pennsburysd.org Website Details
EHLY ARLO Staff aehly@pennsburysd.org Details
ELKO MICHAEL Staff melko@pennsburysd.org Details
EVANS LAURA Staff levans@pennsburysd.org Website Details
FAEHNER KELSEY Staff kfaehner@pennsburysd.org Website Details
FAHEY TARA Staff tfahey@pennsburysd.org Details
FALCO CHARLES Staff cfalco@pennsburysd.org Details
Fallacaro Damari Athletics Secretary dfallacaro@pennsburysd.org Details
FEE JUSTIN Staff jfee@pennsburysd.org Details
FEENY JESSICA Staff jfeeny@pennsburysd.org Website Details
FERGUSON ANNE Staff aferguson2@pennsburysd.org Details
FRANCIS HOLLY Staff hfrancis@pennsburysd.org Details
Fry Richard Assistant Principal rfry@pennsburysd.org Details
GABOR KEITH Staff kgabor@pennsburysd.org Details
GARBERINA ANDREA Staff agarberina@pennsburysd.org Website Details
GARCIA ORTIZ JENNA Staff jbainbridge@pennsburysd.org Details
GARRETSON STACY Staff sgarretson@pennsburysd.org Website Details
GAUTIER ROBINSON Staff rgautier@pennsburysd.org Details
GEBEAU LINDSAY Staff lgebeau@pennsburysd.org Details
Gibson Cherissa Assistant Principal cgibson@pennsburysd.org Details
GOLDMAN LINDSEY Staff lgoldman@pennsburysd.org Details
GOLDSBOROUGH GLENN Staff ggoldsborough@pennsburysd.org Website Details
GOULD GAYLE Staff ggould@pennsburysd.org Website Details
GRADEL MAUREEN Staff mgradel@pennsburysd.org Details
GRAFF SHARON Staff sgraff@pennsburysd.org Website Details
GREINER JOHN Staff jgreiner@pennsburysd.org Details
GRODEN MATTHEW Staff mgroden@pennsburysd.org Website Details
HANAHAN JAMES Staff jhanahan@pennsburysd.org Details
HANNA MICHELE Staff mhanna@pennsburysd.org Details
HASYN KATHERINE Staff khasyn@pennsburysd.org Details
HAUSER JOSCELYNE Staff jjones4@pennsburysd.org Details
HAUSER MARK Staff mhauser@pennsburysd.org Website Details
HAWK ROBERT Staff rhawk@pennsburysd.org Details
HELMS CHEVON Staff chelms@pennsburysd.org Website Details
HEMMERLE TRACEY Staff themmerle@pennsburysd.org Website Details
HENDERSON LISA Staff lahenderson@pennsburysd.org Details
HERMANN MICHAEL Staff mhermann@pennsburysd.org Website Details
HUMBERT JAMES Staff jhumbert@pennsburysd.org Details
HYNOSKI MICHELLE Staff mhynoski@pennsburysd.org Website Details
JOYCE RACHAEL Staff rjoyce@pennsburysd.org Website Details
KAZANJIAN NANCY Staff nkazanjian@pennsburysd.org Details
KEALY PHILLIP Staff pkealy@pennsburysd.org Details
KERR LAUREN Staff lkerr@pennsburysd.org Details
KILLEEN NICOLE Staff nkilleen@pennsburysd.org Details
KLOTZ BRADLEY Staff bklotz@pennsburysd.org Details
KOTTER KIMBERLY Staff kkotter@pennsburysd.org Details
KRAJCI KIMBERLY Staff kkrajci@pennsburysd.org Details
LALA DANYELLE Staff dlala@pennsburysd.org Website Details
LAMENDOLA KELLY Staff klamendola@pennsburysd.org Website Details
LATSCH COREY Staff clatsch@pennsburysd.org Details
LAWRENCE SUSAN Staff slawrence@pennsburysd.org Details
LAWVER-WEBER AMY Staff aweber@pennsburysd.org Details
LETUKAS LAURA Staff lletukas@pennsburysd.org Details
LIBERTY LISA Staff liberty@pennsburysd.org Website Details
LINDEMANN MICHAEL Staff mlindemann@pennsburysd.org Website Details
LITTLE DONALD Staff dlittle@pennsburysd.org Details
LOGAN CHRISTINA Staff clogan@pennsburysd.org Details
LUCAS JONATHAN Staff jlucas@pennsburysd.org Details
LYONS NATALIE Staff nlyons@pennsburysd.org Details
MAC ADAMS JASON Staff jmacadams@pennsburysd.org Details
MACAINSH SCOTT Staff smacainsh@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MACAULEY DOUGLAS Staff dmacauley@pennsburysd.org Details
MACMATH KELLY Staff kmacmath@pennsburysd.org Details
MAHONEY DANIEL Staff dmahoney@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MARINI JUDITH Staff jmarini@pennsburysd.org Details
MARSHALL LYNETTE Staff lmarshall@pennsburysd.org Details
MARTENIS RANDA Staff rmartenis@pennsburysd.org Details
MARTINO JOSEPH Staff jmartino@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MATHAUSER ERIN Staff emathauser@pennsburysd.org Details
MAY CURTIS Staff cmay@pennsburysd.org Details
MAYO FRANK Staff fmayo@pennsburysd.org Details
MAZZEO FRANK Staff fmazzeo@pennsburysd.org Details
MCBRYAR ALISON Staff amcbryar@pennsburysd.org Details
MCCORMICK CHRISTOPHER Staff cmccormick@pennsburysd.org Details
MCCUEN CAROL Staff jmccuen@pennsburysd.org Details
MCEACHERN JUSTINE Staff jmceachern@pennsburysd.org Details
MCGINNIS KATHLEEN Staff kmcginnis@pennsburysd.org Details
MCLANE KIMBERLY Staff kmclane@pennsburysd.org Website Details
Meadows Reggie Principal rmeadows@pennsburysd.org Details
MERRICK PATRICIA Staff pmerrick@pennsburysd.org Details
MILLER GEORGE Staff gmiller@pennsburysd.org Details
MINOR ANGELA Staff aminor@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MINOR JUDITH Staff jminor@pennsburysd.org Details
MINTON JAMES Staff jminton@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MITCHELL MARGARET Staff pmitchell@pennsburysd.org Website Details
MOUNTFORD TRACEY Staff tmountford@pennsburysd.org Details
MOYER JAMES Staff jmoyer@pennsburysd.org Details
MYERS KEITH Staff kmyers@pennsburysd.org Details
NAPOLI ANTHONY Staff anapoli@pennsburysd.org Details
NEMETH FRANK Staff fnemeth@pennsburysd.org Details
NICHOLSON DONNA Staff dnicholson@pennsburysd.org Details
NIELSEN STEVEN Staff snielsen@pennsburysd.org Details
ORTMAN TIMOTHY Staff tortman@pennsburysd.org Details
OTT MATTHEW Staff mott@pennsburysd.org Details
PADILLA HARRY Staff hpadilla@pennsburysd.org Details
PARELL JAMIE Staff jparell@pennsburysd.org Details
PAULSON TIMOTHY Staff tpaulson@pennsburysd.org Details
PEDERSEN ERIK Staff epedersen@pennsburysd.org Website Details
PERFETTO JESSICA Staff jperfetto@pennsburysd.org Details
PESCI TAMMY Staff tpesci@pennsburysd.org Details
PETTIT AMANDA Staff apettit@pennsburysd.org Website Details
PETTIT THOMAS Staff tpettit@pennsburysd.org Details
PHILLIPS STEPHANIE Staff sphillips@pennsburysd.org Details
POLL JENNIFER Staff jpoll@pennsburysd.org Details
POSNER FRANCIS Staff fposner@pennsburysd.org Details
PRATT STEPHANIE Staff spratt@pennsburysd.org Website Details
PROCZ MINDY Staff mprocz@pennsburysd.org Details
PURDY TENAZ Staff tpurdy@pennsburysd.org Details
QUIGLEY NANCY Staff nquigley@pennsburysd.org Website Details
REALDINE KRISTEN Staff krealdine@pennsburysd.org Details
REDDING BONNIE Staff bredding@pennsburysd.org Website Details
REILLY FELICIA Staff freilly@pennsburysd.org Details
REIMSCHUSSEL DAVID Staff dreimschussel@pennsburysd.org Details
RESTA RAE ANN Staff rresta@pennsburysd.org Details
RITTLER BRYAN Staff brittler@pennsburysd.org Website Details
RIVERA JAMIE Staff jrivera@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ROACH ROBERT Staff rroach@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ROBERTS MICHAEL Staff mroberts@pennsburysd.org Details
ROBERTS NICOLE Staff nroberts@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ROCKWELL LAURA Staff lrockwell@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ROMERO ALYSSA Staff aromero2@pennsburysd.org Website Details
RUDESYLE ERICA Staff erudesyle@pennsburysd.org Website Details
RUGARBER LISA Staff lrugarber@pennsburysd.org Details
SACCO MAUREEN Staff msacco@pennsburysd.org Details
SALMON ERIN Staff esalmon@pennsburysd.org Details
SANCHEZ DAVID Staff dsanchez@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SANDERS JOHN Staff jsanders@pennsburysd.org Details
SANTANGELO ANDREW Staff asantangelo@pennsburysd.org Details
SCIOLLA AMANDA Staff asciolla@pennsburysd.org Details
SCIOLLA FRANCIS Staff fsciolla@pennsburysd.org Details
SEBASTIAN JOSHUA Staff jsebastian@pennsburysd.org Details
SELGAS TIMOTHY Staff tselgas@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SEYFERHELT JOHN Staff jseyferhelt@pennsburysd.org Details
SHEENAN JOSEPH Staff jsheenan@pennsburysd.org Details
SHEENAN MARIE Staff msheenan@pennsburysd.org Details
SHIMP GABRIELLE Staff gshimp@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SHORT RAYMOND Staff rshort@pennsburysd.org Details
SIMON KENNETH Staff ksimon@pennsburysd.org Details
SKOGEN ROBIN Staff rskogen@pennsburysd.org Details
SLATER GRETCHEN Staff gslater@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SMITH CASEY Staff csmith@pennsburysd.org Details
SNYDER GALEN Staff gsnyder@pennsburysd.org Details
SNYDER MATTHEW Staff msnyder@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SPIKER JULIE Staff jspiker@pennsburysd.org Details
SROBA JENNIFER Staff jsroba@pennsburysd.org Details
STANIEC JULIE Staff jstaniec@pennsburysd.org Website Details
STAPAROUNAS ATHANASIA Staff astaparounas@pennsburysd.org Details
Staub Ryan Assistant Principal rstaub@pennsburysd.org Details
Steckroat Patricia Assistant Principal psteckroat@pennsburysd.org Details
STELLWAGEN RICHARD Staff rstellwagen@pennsburysd.org Details
STERCULA ALYSON Staff astercula2@pennsburysd.org Details
STODDART THOMAS Staff tstoddart@pennsburysd.org Details
STOLOSKI GREGORY Staff gstoloski@pennsburysd.org Details
STOUDT BROOKE Staff bbergmann@pennsburysd.org Details
STOUT CLIFFORD Staff cstout@pennsburysd.org Website Details
STOUT SCOTT Staff sstout@pennsburysd.org Details
Sudholz Lou Assistant Principal lsudholz@pennsburysd.org Details
SUTCLIFFE NATALIE Staff nsutcliffe@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SWANSON JAMIE Staff jswanson@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SWEENEY FRANCES Staff fsweeney@pennsburysd.org Website Details
SWIDER LISA Staff lswider@pennsburysd.org Details
SWOPE MEGAN Staff mswope@pennsburysd.org Website Details
TAGGART ELIZABETH Staff etaggart@pennsburysd.org Details
THOMPSON RITA ANN Staff rthompson@pennsburysd.org Website Details
TIMLIN SARAH Staff stimlin@pennsburysd.org Website Details
TITANO ELIZABETH Staff etitano@pennsburysd.org Details
TITTLE LAURA Asstant Principal ltittle@pennsburysd.org Details
TOROK BETH Staff btorok@pennsburysd.org Details
TRICKEL LORI Staff ltrickel@pennsburysd.org Details
TUSINA ASHLEE Staff atusina@pennsburysd.org Website Details
TWERSKY JONATHAN Staff jtwersky@pennsburysd.org Website Details
VANBUSKIRK JANA Staff jvanbuskirk@pennsburysd.org Website Details
VEITZ LAURA Staff lveitz@pennsburysd.org Details
VOORHEES KIMBERLY Staff kvoorhees@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WALTER LUCYLLE Staff lwalter@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WAMBACH LYNN Staff lwambach@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WEEDEN BREANNE Staff bcook@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WERT PHILIP Staff pwert@pennsburysd.org Details
WINSOR JAMES Staff jwinsor@pennsburysd.org Details
WISEN KAREN Staff kwisen@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WOODRING BETH Staff bwoodring@pennsburysd.org Details
WOODSON LAUREN Staff lwoodson@pennsburysd.org Website Details
WORTHINGTON SARAH Staff sworthington@pennsburysd.org Website Details
ZAMBRYCKI GREGORY Staff gzambrycki@pennsburysd.org Details
ZIEGLER JILLIAN Staff jziegler@pennsburysd.org Details
ZISA MICHAEL Staff mzisa@pennsburysd.org Details
ZURYBIDA SHAWN Staff szurybida@pennsburysd.org Details
Pennsbury High School
East Campus: 705 Hood Blvd
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Telephone: 215-949-6780
Mission Statement
Recognizing our proud traditions and diverse community,
the Pennsbury School District prepares all students to become creative,
ethical, and critical thinkers for lifelong success in a global society.
national district of character
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