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1st Grade

Mrs. Cherie Lynne Kooker - Ms. Karen Hearn - Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts - Mrs. Erin Houmas

A. Reading – Houghton Mifflin “Invitations to Literacy” Thematic reading units:
  • Off We Go – See What We Know (Familiar Concepts)
  • Growing and Changing (Changes in Plants and Animals)
  • The World Outside My Door (Bugs, River, Desert and City)
  • Get the Giggles (Humorous)
  • Sharing Time (Friends and Family)
  • Creepy Crawlies (Insects)
  • Unexpected Guests (Sizes)
  • Big and Little (Sizes)
  • Family Treasures (Heirlooms and Traditions)
  • Something Fishy (Sea Life)
The students will increase their reading vocabulary and they will read fluently using decoding strategies and structural analysis skills. They will use comprehension strategies to construct meaning from text and visual materials. The students will identify story elements and recognize a story sequence. They will experience, gain information from, and demonstrate knowledge of literature as an art form.

B. Writing: to be able to write quality sentences organized around a theme with a beginning, middle and end.
  • Identify and write telling and asking sentences. 
  • Use correct capitalization and punctuation in sentences.
  • Write all upper and lowercase manuscript letters and numerals with attention to size, spacing and legibility.
C. Spelling: high frequency spelling words to be studied for the third and fourth marking periods.

D. Math: a balanced curriculum promoting conceptual, computations and problem-solving proficiency.
  • Unit 1 – addition and subtraction concepts .
  • Unit 2 – addition and subtraction facts to 10.
  • Unit 3 – numbers to 100, comparing and ordering numbers, number patterns, addition and subtraction to 12.
  • Unit 4 – money (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters), time (hour, half-hour), graphing.
  • Unit 5 – geometry (solid figures, plane shapes), measurement (inches, centimeters, weight and capacity), fractions (halves, thirds and fourths).
  • Unit 6 – addition and subtraction to 20, adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.

E. Science Units:
  • Organisms: A “hands on” approach to observing and investigating live bugs, snails and fish. Creating terraria and aquaria and discussing animal habitats. Planting seeds, observing their growth, and studying how plants make food. Ecology with emphasis on conservation, reuse and recycling. Solids and Liquids: a “hands on” approach to explore solid objects and liquid matter, describing them and comparing their properties. Discovering what happens when solids and liquids interact. Air and Weather: observing and monitoring weather on a daily basis. The study of cloud types, temperature, wind and rain measurements. Learning about and exploring air, constructing and comparing devices that use air.
  • Drug unit: a program designed to introduce and promote healthy behaviors and habits.
F. Social Studies Units:
  • School and Friends
  • Town and country
  • City and suburb
  • The world with emphasis on the United States, Canada and Mexico.
Oxford Valley Elementary
Donna L. Minnigh, Principal
Fairless Hills, PA 19030-2899
Telephone: 215-949-6808
Mission Statement
Recognizing our proud traditions and diverse community,
the Pennsbury School District prepares all students to become creative,
ethical, and critical thinkers for lifelong success in a global society.
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