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  Our school nurse, Mrs. Lehrman   is here to give first aid and medical care for injuries and illnesses that occur during school hours. In addition to providing emergency care, health screenings are performed for all students.   Every child will have height, weight and vision screening done yearly. A hearing screening is done yearly in levels K-3 and as needed in fourth and fifth grades. Parents are notified if any deficiencies are suspected.


Symptoms that indicate your child should stay home from school.


During the cold and flu season, you are faced with the decision of whether or not your child is well enough to attend school.   If your child comes to school sick, the school nurse will most likely send him/her home.   This will cause more disruption to your day and will spread unwanted disease to other students and faculty.


Here are guidelines for you to follow.   If your child does experience any of these symptoms the evening before school, please keep your child home until the symptoms are completely resolved or he/she has been seen by a physician and has a note clearing him/her to return to school.

·          Temperature of 100 ° or higher:   The student needs to be fever free without the use of Tylenol or Motrin for 24 hours before returning to school.

·          Vomiting or Diarrhea:   Please do not send your child even if these symptoms occurred the evening before and the student is starting to feel better.   He/she may still be contagious and may be weak for at least a day.

·          Thick or green nasal discharge:   This could be an indication of an infection and your child needs to be treated by a physician.

·          Red, itchy eyes with a crusty/yellow discharge:   This could be conjunctivitis (Pink eye), which is contagious and needs to be treated by a physician.

·          Sore throat with white spots:   This could be Strep Throat and will need to be treated by a physician.

·          Unknown rashes:   Any rash that has not been seen and diagnosed by a physician.

If your child has Chicken Pox , he/she is able to return to school when all the vesicles are crusted over.   This usually occurs about 7 days after the start of the outbreak.   You must bring your child to the Health Office before the school day begins to be cleared to return to class.   Please note that your child may still have the disease even if he/she received the vaccine.   The disease can be present and a child can be contagious even if there are less than 20 vesicles on the body.   Contact your physician with any questionable filled vesicles.

If you discover that your child has head lice , please notify the Health Office as soon as possible.   You can treat your child with any over-the-counter treatment, but your child needs to be free of lice in order to return to class.   You need to bring your child to the Health Office prior to the start of the school day.   Students are not permitted on the school bus until seen by the nurse.

Please notify the Health Office of any contagious illness your child is diagnosed with and obtain a note from the physician for your child to return to school.



Pupils with health problems requiring prescribed medication must complete the appropriate forms, which may be obtained by clicking on medical forms or from the office, and submit a parental note.


·         All prescription medication must be sent in the original container and be accompanied by a physician's order to take the medication during the school day.   Narcotics must be delivered to the nurse by a parent or an adult designee.

·         Over-the-counter medications , which are not listed on the student emergency card, must be in their original container and be accompanied by a physician's order to take the medication during the school day.

All medications are kept in the nurse's office and must be administered by the nurse or the nurse's aide.


Students are not permitted to carry or self-administer medication on the bus or during school hours


Click the link at the bottom of the page for details on the School Board approved procedures for the administration of medicaion.  


For a minor injury not requiring a physician’s care:   Please send a written note to the Health Office.   You must give written permission for your child to be excused from gym class for one week (one class) or from recess.   A student may not participate in gym/recess with a splint, sling, brace, ace bandage, or cast unless cleared by a physician.


For a more serious injury requiring a physician’s care or to be excused from gym/recess for more than one week:   You must obtain a physician’s note stating the exact restrictions your child has and how long your child is to be excused from gym/recess.   You must bring your child to the Health Office if crutches are ordered.   Students are not permitted to use the stairs while on crutches.   This may pose a risk to the injured child as well as the other students.

For more information on health related rules and requirements, go to the Pennsbury School District Health Homepage

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