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Contactless Student Material Pick Up Process

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We want to thank you for all that you continue to do to ensure your students have the materials that they need to be successful during our virtual learning environment.  We are now ready to launch our Contactless Student Material Pick Up Process in order to be able to get you the materials you need in a safe and efficient manner.  This type of pick up will be for individual needs that may come up throughout the week either initiated by the teacher or by the student/parent.  We will continue to coordinate larger material pick-ups as we have done in the past.  Please read the directions below so that you are aware of this process along with the chart which will help guide whether you need an appointment or not.


*If a material pick up took place and you were not able to make it please follow the directions below and review the chart to ensure you are following the appropriate steps.

  1. A parent puts in a request with the teacher/counselor for class items or a teacher wants to give a student or small group of students individual items.  

  2. The teacher/counselor informs the parent when the item(s) will be ready for pick up. 

  3. Materials can be picked up during normal office hours.  Office hours are 7:30-3:30.

  4. Parents will enter through the main entrance (by Big Oak Rd) and the items will be marked with the student’s name on the Student Material Pick Up table. 

  5. When parents enter the vestibule they will find their student’s material(s) marked on a table.  For Expressive Arts, you need to look for the grade and course (ex-7th-FCS)  The person picking up the items will complete a form that is located on the table including student name, grade, signature.

    1. Please use the sanitized pen and then put the used pen in the unsanitized cup.

  6. Visitors will not be admitted into the building without a prior appointment.

Appointment Needed

Appointment Not Needed

  • Yearbook pick up 

  • Picking up student records

  • Items that parent/teacher made arrangements for prior to picking up.

  • Dropping off student records/paperwork.

  • Picking up materials due to missing the scheduled pick-up date.

  • Rotation 1 6-8 grades

    • ART

    • FCS

    • STEM

  • Rotation 2

    • 6th-grade

      • Art

      • STEM