Sample Course Offerings

  • Elementary School Schedule

    • Grade Level Math
    • Grade Level English
    • Grade Level Social Studies
    • Grade Level Science
    • Physical Education (half-year)
    • Art (half-year)

    Sample Middle School Schedule

    • PA Core English 7
    • PA Core Pre-Algebra
    • PA Core U.S. History I
    • PA Core Science 7
    • Physical Education
    • Choice of many electives, including World Language 

    Sample High School Schedule

    Semester 1

    • PA Core U.S. History II
    • PA Core Geometry
    • Elective*
    • Physical Education/Health

    Semester 2

    • PA Core Biology
    • PA Core English 10
    • Elective*
    • Elective*

     Most core requirements are available at the academic level. Many are available at the Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) levels. 

    *Elective offerings include World Language.

    Students in 9th-12th grades must schedule course selection with their school counselor to ensure they are on track for graduation. Visit the Pennsbury High School Counseling website for more information.

    8th-grade students will meet with their school counselor to select courses for 9th-grade.