Transition Program

  • Pennsbury High School provides a continuum of programs to fit the needs of all students.   The transition from Middle School to High School can be a scary process, but Pennsbury High School is committed to supporting individuals.

    The teachers in the Special Education Department work with all of the staff at Pennsbury so that students can be supported in the Regular Education Learning Environment.  The continuum of programs set up for support are Academic Learning Centers, Learning Support Study and Organization Skills, which provides time and instruction on academic skills and goals, Emotional Support Study and Organization, which includes direct instruction on behavior awareness and coping strategies, as well as a Study and Organization Class for our students with Autism which focuses on Social Skills development in addition to academic supports.  

    If a student is in need of a replacement curriculum, the student can receive this in Learning Support English and Math Classrooms that teach an Academic Curriculum or in a Specialized Classroom that will teach a Functional Replacement Curriculum. 

    Pennsbury School District has an 18-21-year-old program that focuses on Independent Living and Transitional Work-Based Skills.  The Pennsbury More Opportunities for Student Training (M.O.S.T.) is located in the modulars behind the East Campus.  

    Student eligibility for the M.O.S.T program would be discussed at the student's IEP team meeting.

    When a student no longer requires special education supports and the IEP team agrees that the student will accept their diploma, they should research and know the supports available:

    • CareerLink of Bucks County --- anyone in the community can come here.
    • There are College Programs for all types of learners and abilities ---ThinkCollege can help you compare programs.
      Community College is the right choice for you --- look at both Mercer County Community College and Bucks County Community College.  The Transition office has taken students to tour both campuses.
    • Transition Program Website: Planning for the Future
    • Secondary Transition - Resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals related to education, employment, and community living.

    Questions? Email Sarah Worthington, Transition Coordinator, or call 215-949-6780 ext. 70988