Technology Department

  • The Technology Department is responsible for the management and oversight of all forms of technology in the district, including hardware, software, classroom technology integration and instruction, networking, telecommunications, student data, and security. 

    TECHNOLOGY MISSION: To provide the students and staff with current tools, information, and data necessary to foster critical thinking, analytical decision-making and information gathering to engage and empower all Pennsbury stakeholders. Decisions are made in the best interest of the Pennsbury students. 

    OVERVIEW: Our network and systems team manages hardware, software, and network, as well as more specialized tasks such as maintaining the district data center and managing building security systems. Our data team oversees PowerSchool SIS, our newly adopted student information system, and all district data including grades, child accounting, state reporting, and state assessment data collection. The application support team is responsible for staff development and ensuring that teachers have the proper support when integrating technology into their lessons.



  • Department Staff

    Tim McCleary
    215-428-4116, ext. 10029
    Bob Engle
    Supervisor, Computer Center
    215-428-4100, ext. 10032
    Nick Woratyla
    Supervisor, Network Analyst
    215-945-7612, ext. 22005
    Ginny August
    Technology Specialist
    215-428-4100, ext. 10030
    Nick Calvarese
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 10201
    Nicholas Chase
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 22012
    Jullianne Doll
    Administrative Assistant
    215-428-4100, ext. 10033
    Ryan Kroker
    Data Coordinator (Student)
    215-428-4100, ext. 10134
    Mike Lee
    Data Coordinator (Finance)
    215-428-4100, ext. 10031
    Nick Lucca
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 22018
    Mandy Lutz
    Technology Specialist
    215-428-4100, ext. 10034
    Craig McIntyre
    Infrastructure Specialist
    215-428-4100, ext. 22011
    Paul Morton
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 22019
    Jerry Vandergast
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 22014
    Jeff Volpaccio
    Support Technician
    215-428-4100, ext. 22004