School Start Times

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    All Pennsbury community members are invited to share their feedback. Please email


    School Start Time Survey
    In October 2021, Pennsbury School District surveyed members of the Pennsbury Community about school start times. Review the results of the survey here.

    The Pennsbury School District is committed to promoting the safety, academic achievement, and mental and physical health of our students. Over the past several years, in particular, mounting scientific evidence reveals that chronic adolescent sleep loss has become a public health issue. The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychological Association, and the National Sleep Foundation all recommend later school start times for adolescent students.

    In alignment with the Board-approved 2020-2023 Pennsbury Comprehensive Plan that states we will “investigate changing school start times” in relation to Student Supports, the School District formed a committee of stakeholders to examine this topic. Members of the committee are listed below. School districts across the state, many of them located close by, are also examining the prospect of changing school start times in order to allow for a later schedule for high school students. As the Pennsbury committee continues its work, we encourage all District stakeholders to investigate the resources posted at the bottom of this page.

    Before the COVID-19 school closure, two 90-minute meetings took place, and more are scheduled. An update will be provided at the June 18, 2020, School Board Action Meeting, and a Community Forum is planned for Fall 2020. It is hoped that a final recommendation will be shared with the School Board by the end of 2020. To share feedback with the committee, use the email link posted to the right.

    Members of the School Start Time Committee (NOTE: Titles were current during the 2019-2020 school year.)

    School Board
    Howard Goldberg 
    Gary Sanderson
    Christine Toy-Dragoni
    Debra Wachspress

    Elizabeth Beckelman, PTO President, Afton Elementary School
    Carolyn Fogel, PTO President, Pennwood Middle School
    Sumana Kanubaddi, PTO Co-President, Quarry Hill Elementary School
    Kathleen Kolanko, PTO Co-President, Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School
    Joanie Layden, PTO President, Makefield Elementary School
    Jane O’Neill, PTO President, Walt Disney Elementary School
    Michelle Smith, PTO Co-President, Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School
    Lauren Stout, PTO Co-President, Charles Boehm Middle School
    Amy Waters, PTO President, Pennsbury High School 

    Community Partner
    Charles Stough, CEO, KidsCare

    District Employees
    Dr. Elizabeth Aldridge, Director of Student Services
    Christopher Becker, Principal, William Penn Middle School
    Christopher Berdnik, Chief Financial Officer
    Michelle Corbett, 1st Grade Teacher, Afton Elementary School
    Michael Dumin, Director of Facilities 
    Richard Fry, Assistant Principal, PHS West
    Dr. William Gretzula, Superintendent
    Barbara Hidalgo, Principal, Penn Valley Elementary School
    Colleen Jones, Kindergarten Teacher, Afton Elementary School
    Vince Jones, Guidance Counselor, William Penn Middle School
    Matthew Kolowajtis, Custodian, PHS East
    Ann Langtry, Supervisor of Communication Strategies
    Marla Lipkin, Secretary to the Principal, PHS East
    Derek Majikas, Principal, Pennwood Middle School
    Pamela Martino, 6th Grade Math & Language Arts Teacher, William Penn MS
    Donna McCormick-Miller, Principal, Makefield Elementary School
    Reggie Meadows, Principal, PHS East
    Mary-Margaret Pannick, Supervisor of Assessment/Federal Programs
    Bettie Ann Rarrick, Director of Human Resources
    David Reimschussel, Music Teacher, PHS West 
    Dr. Theresa Ricci, Director of Secondary Education
    David Schwind, Assistant Principal, Charles Boehm Middle School
    Michele Spack, Director of Elementary Education
    Greg Stoloski, Social Studies Teacher, PHS West
    Lou Sudholz, Assistant Principal/ Athletic Coordinator, PHS West
    Melanie Talbert, Paraprofessional, William Penn Middle School
    Robert Talbert, Bus Driver, Transportation
    Charles Williams, Director of Transportation