• Pennsbury School District Educational Equity Audit Report Executive Summary April 2021
    The Pennsbury School District is committed to fostering an inclusive educational environment that understands, respects, and embraces individual differences as assets that serve to enhance our school community. Educational equity-- the practice of distributing resources, access, and opportunity based on fairness and justice regardless of race, ethnicity, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, language
    , disability, or socio-economic status-- will serve as the foundation of all decision-making to ensure equitable outcomes for every learner.

Equity Strategic Goal Areas

  • Equity for every learner logoIF WE:

    Lead with cultural proficiency to implement
    a multi-tiered system of support with the
    strategic use of data for equity and access
    built on a foundation of high-quality core
    instruction and professional learning,

    THEN WE:

    Then we will reach our vision of: Equity for 
    every learner.

    Institutional Practices
    Center the District's equity lens approach to ensure equitable opportunity and access to resources.
    High-Quality and Culturally Relevant Instruction
    Reduce achievement, discipline, and opportunity gaps by using culturally responsive, universally designed, standards-based curriculum and instruction.
    Inclusive School Climate
    Foster an inclusive environment and school climate through collaboration with family and community.
    Learning Culture & Professional Development
    Ensure employees receive ongoing professional development in cultural proficiency, cultural responsiveness, implicit bias, explicit bias, anti-racism, diversity, and inclusive practices.
    Data-focused, Multi-tiered Systems of Support
    Use multiple measures of quantitative and qualitative district-wide and school-level data as the basis for instructional decision-making and continuous improvement.
    Workforce Diversity
    Identify and address barriers to the recruitment, hiring, retention, development, and promotion of District employees from diverse backgrounds.

Language Assistance

  • If a non-English speaking family has questions or would like to request documents in a language other than English, please contact the Pennsbury School District English Language Development Coordinator, Katie Duncan (kduncan@pennsburysd.org) or Language Support Liaison, Reita Bakshi (rbakshi@pennsburysd.org). 

  • The Director of Equity leads the District in fostering an inclusive community. The Director assesses current practices and supports change related to school climate, social-emotional learning (SEL), professional development, recruitment and retention of staff, curriculum review, and analysis of School District data. This work ensures the implementation of equitable educational programs and services that respond to the needs of a diverse school community.

  • Department Staff

    Cherrissa Gibson, Ed.D., SHRM-SCP
    215-428-4100, ext. 10087
    Dena Seiple
    Executive Secretary to the Director
    215-428-4100, ext. 10087