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Therapy Dog Training Begins at Pennsbury

Woman giving a dog a treat Woman hugging her dog Man standing with his dog


Therapy Dog training is underway in Pennsbury! Eight district administrators and their pups will undergo a rigorous training program with AIR Therapy Dogs that will last roughly a year. The eventual goal is for Pennsbury to have one certified therapy dog in each of the district's schools, providing innovative and different ways to support students.

Dr. Smith, superintendent of schools, brought the idea to Pennsbury after he had success with the program at Hopewell Valley Regional School District.
"The simple action of petting a dog releases all good de-stressing brain chemicals. Interacting with a dog lowers our cortisol stress level. This is a comprehensive program utilizing trained and certified therapy dogs for our mental health. Individuals can train with AIR to certify their personal dog. AIR also offers the AIR School Therapy Dog Program to train dogs owned by school staff members to enhance certified therapy dogs' presence in schools." (Source -
 Woman standing with her dog Woman feeding treats to her dog Woman sitting with dog