Social Work

  • School Social Workers work with students and their families to identify barriers to learning and success across all settings by working to enhance the psychosocial and emotional well-being of all students. School Social Workers provide direct services to students in school, as well as support to parents/caregivers and consultation to other school staff and personnel when a student is experiencing difficulties at school or home, which may be detrimental to the student's success at school (academically, socially or behaviorally). These services include but are not limited to the following: group social skills training, individual counseling, crisis management, family support, assisting parents/caregivers with identifying and securing outside resources (behavioral health, housing, medical assistance, food, domestic violence, drug, and alcohol, etc.)


    Name  Schools Email Address

    Megan Hough, LSW

    Afton Elementary, Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary, Willam Penn Middle School

    Tahira Jackson, LSW

    Penn Valley Elementary, Walt Disney Elementary, Charles Boehm Middle School

    Tammy Kehan Leimer, LSW

    Edgewood Elementary, Fallsington Elementary, Makefield Elementary, Manor Elementary

    Noelle Murphy, LSW

    Oxford Valley Elementary, Quarry Hill Elementary, Pennwood Middle School

    Julie Gartner, LSW

    Pennsbury High School Campus

    Stephanie Piech, LSW

    Pennsbury High School Campus, Bucks County Technical High School

    Catherine Snyder, LSW

    Pennsbury High School Campus