• A Pennsbury Partners Mini-Grant is a grant of up to $500 that financially supports the efforts of Pennsbury teachers or liaisons and their schools in collaboration with an official Pennsbury Partner.

    The purpose of these Mini-Grants is to foster partnership development in each selected school that would make a positive impact on student academic achievement by:

    1. Linking into the CURRICULUM; or
    2. Combining real-life work experiences to prepare students for a satisfying CAREER; or
    3. Providing opportunities to share a sense of being a responsible citizen through COMMUNITY SERVICE activities. 

    A Mini-Grant can be utilized for:

    • Material costs, such as supplies needed for a Partner activity
    • Entrance fees to visit a Partner’s establishment 
    • Speaking fees for a Partner to present at your school


    To make a donation to the Pennsbury Partners Program that will directly fund these Mini-Grants:

    1. Please enclose a check made payable to: "Pennsbury Partners Program" (No cash please)
    2. Mail to: Pennsbury Partners Program, 134 Yardley Avenue, Fallsington, PA 19058

    Thank you in advance for your contribution. Any amount is greatly appreciated!