Pre-referral Intervention

  • In Pennsylvania, elementary-aged students who experience academic, social-emotional, behavioral, and/or communication difficulties may have access to instructional support in regular education. Pre-referral Intervention is not special education nor a direct service. Pre-Referral Intervention is an optional program within school districts.
    Pre-referral Intervention serves as one mechanism for screening students who may be eligible for special education based on the severity and degree of need. Pre-referral Intervention serves as a bridge between regular education and special education. Parents can also request a special education evaluation.

    To maximize individual student success in the regular classroom.
    The Team: 
    1. is composed of:
      • the principal or designees,
      • the support teacher,
      • the student's teacher in all cases, and
      • other school personnel as needed.
    2. provides the following services for teachers:
      • consultation,
      • technical assistance,
      • training to teachers and parents of identified students regarding successful interventions.
    After completion of the classroom intervention (no longer than a 60 day period), Pre-referral Intervention:
    1. analyzes the student's progress; and
    2. decides either to refer the student for a multidisciplinary evaluation or to continue successful strategies in the classroom.
    Pre-referral Intervention activities do not bar the right of a parent to request, at any time, a multi-disciplinary evaluation of the child.

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