• The Pennsbury School District is committed to maintaining a safe, positive learning environment for all students that is free from discrimination by providing all students course offerings, counseling, assistance, services, employment, athletics, and extracurricular activities without any form of discrimination, including Title IX sexual harassment. Discrimination is inconsistent with the rights of students and the educational and programmatic goals of the district and is prohibited at, or in the course of, district-sponsored programs or activities, including transportation to or from school or school-sponsored activities.
    The District will promptly report, investigate, and respond to all allegations of discrimination, including harassment and retaliation, to the fullest extent possible and take appropriate disciplinary, corrective, and remedial measures necessary to ensure a safe and equitable learning and workplace environment for all school community members.  The Pennsbury School District will also report such incidents to the appropriate authorities when applicable and share major incidents and patterns with the community affected.
  • Anonymous reports of bullying can also be submitted through our online district bullying reporting system, available at Safe2Say Something (S2SS).